How we work

ASK ADVOKAT AS is a target oriented legal team consisting of lawyer Jonas Amundsen and associate Roksana Galinska.


We have worked together for several years and gained a broad civil law experience. Our assistance includes counselling and procedure for private individuals and companys, both outside the courts and in court.


ASK ADVOKAT focuses on good communication with our clients, and active cooperation on the presentation of cases and strategy. We have experience working with non-norwegian speaking clients and know how to work with translators so you get the best possible legal help in Norway. Each case is unique, and each question must be dealt with individually - based on what will be the best possible solution for you.


We at ASK LAWYER enjoy what we do and like to keep a fast pace.

We have experience in working with clients who can`t meet us physically, and can assist clients all over the world via our well-functioning digital services.

Our Services


We advise and assist private individuals in Norway, and abroad, who have a claim aimed against individuals or companies in Norway.

Language or distance is not an obstacle, as we have good experience with remote meeting and working with interpreters. Our lawyers have assisted clients from Finnmark in the north of Norway to Brazil in the south.


Managing a business requires knowledge in a number of legal fields. Whether you are in a crisis, or need strategic advice, we can assist you.

Contact Lawyer Jonas Amundsen on +47 402 44 885 or to clarify the need.


Ask Advokat

Jonas Amundsen


 Jonas emphasizes accessibility for clients and good preparation in his collaboration with clients. Feel free to contact Jonas at +47 402 44 885 or

Roksana Galinska


Roksana masters both Norwegian and Polish law, and works purposefully to achieve good results for her clients. Feel free to contact Roksana at +47 46 11 75 35 or

Our Prices

Ask Advokat has a vision that the client benefits by using Ask Advokat. You will be made aware the cost of your case, and the end-cost will be in relation to the result achieved. You will not receive an invoice from us unless you have been made aware of our fee rates.


It will vary on a case-by-case basis in what way the lawyer's fee is covered.

In cases where you do not win the case, settle that the counterpart pays, you do not have insurance coverage or you do not qualify for free legal aid, you are the one who covers the legal fees. 

Ask Advokat has competitive prices and we will consider fixed price or other solutions to make the case cost question as predictable as possible. 

Our indicative hourly rate is 1460 – 2100 + VAT (1825 – 2625 incl VAT).


In some cases, it is the state that covers the case costs also in civil cases. If you are to appeal a decision by NAV, have been terminated from an apartment or job, are in the separation process or have been subjected to injury or violence, you may be reimbursed for legal advice and/or free legal proceedings. Ask Advokat have good experience in assessing your situation and we grant free legal advice on your behalf.

If our assessment is incorrect, you will not have to pay.

In some cases it is completely free, while in other cases there is a small deductible. In some cases, you get free legal aid no matter how much you have in income and wealth, while in other cases only those with low income and wealth receive free legal aid for a specified number of hours.

Apply for free legal advice here -


The vast majority have legal aid coverage in one or more of their insurance policies. Car insurance, home insurance, housing insurance and more. Usually, you pay a deductible of 3-4000 NOK. The insurance company covers 80% of your legal expenses beyond the deductible.

Talk to us about your insurance policies so we can help you claim coverage.

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